The building houses a large entry foyer, numerous nurseries, classrooms and administration offices that will allow the church to serve larger numbers of children in their community.

First Baptist Church of Woodway – Woodway, Texas

Project Description

One of the highlights of this building is the extraordinary play area we built inside. We transformed the building’s pipe columns into trees by welding additional pipes to create tree branches, surrounding this area with layered gypsum board cut in scalloped patterns and painted to simulate the trees leaves. Carpet especially designed for children’s play areas was laid with a 1.5” pad and playground pattern. This was chosen to provide an area for children to actively play while minimizing scrapes and bruises if they take a tumble. All of this combined makes for a very appealing area that is seen upon entering the building.
We’re is most pleased with the carefully planned security measures we adopted to protect children. Our crews worked extensively with the church coordinator to stage our construction in a way that allowed access by children to the existing exterior playground as much as possible throughout the construction process. This challenge was overcome by planning stages of construction according to the school’s and church’s schedule, and by building a fence surrounding and protecting the playground.
Security is always an issue with a facility of this nature, and the new facility was designed with this in mind. Visitors must pass a security desk upon entering the facility and cannot get past the lobby areas without someone giving them access. Even church members and employees are not allowed access to the children’s area without an electronic access card which is closely monitored.
This First Baptist Church of Woodway houses a thriving congregation with a quickly growing number of families with young children. In 1993, it opened
Woodway Christian School to offer preschool services for three and four-year-olds and the school has expanded to include kindergarten through eighth grade. Because of this, church leaders decided to also expand its facilities, adding a three-story brick veneer building constructed for use by the school and the Mother’s Day Out children’s ministry program.
All work done on behalf of First Baptist Church Woodway was completed on-schedule and in-budget.

Fast Facts

  • Size: 36,000 SF
  • Start Date: July 2011
  • End Date: August 2012
  • Project Type: New Construction


Client Contact:
Terry Graham
Associate Pastor
First Baptist Church Woodway

Architect Contact:
George Jezek, A.I.A., V.P.
The Wallace Group