Budgeting, Estimating, Scheduling and Mobilization

Schedule Development

  • Perfect record
    We have completed projects at or before the scheduled date in 100 percent of contracts since our founding. Our experts manage their responsibilities in a timely and organized fashion so the end result is punctual and excellent workmanship. In fact, our finished work is often recognized by colleagues in our field as going above and beyond. For work in 2003 building a two-story building hosting various medical offices including specialists, for example, we were featured in the national industry magazine Builder Profits. In addition, the structure was awarded the “Building of the Year” award by Butler Manufacturing.
  • Minimized Impact to Functioning Buildings or Campuses
    Another benefit clients receive when choosing us is minimized impact to functioning buildings and campuses. Many times clients require access and use of a building or area while Pearson work is occurring. Temporary facility plans are easily accommodated thanks to our complete team of in-house construction services which include designers, construction managers, site planners and craftsmen. All of the professionals on our team have years of experience making their tasks work with owners’ schedules.
  • Microsoft Project
    With our commitment to state-of-the-art technology in the industry, we use Microsoft Project to plan, stage, execute and update all phases of its projects. This software enables our team members to achieve success in both planned and spec projects and fast-tracked projects. We consider the project schedule an essential tool in providing our management and the primary stakeholders with clear, current and concise information to support informed decision making throughout the course of the project.


After the initial research and estimation phases are complete and a schedule is developed, we mobilize our crews. If we are engaged in multiple projects at the same location, we assign a different superintendent to each area. For example, if we have a project on a school campus, we assign a superintendent to Project 1, a different superintendent to Project 2 and a third superintendent is assigned to oversee both areas, facilitating and coordinating any work on overlapping areas.


Our company’s namesake, Bob Pearson, would lose money rather than give his owners a less-than-quality outcome on a project. Today, Pearson’s son Scott still believes in and enforces that tenet. In fact, Pearson is the recipient of the Outstanding Construction Award from the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), and the Golden Trowel Award from the United Masonry Contractors Association for leadership in building. Scott Pearson feels these and many other accolades can be attributed to our company’s proven quality protocols, which consist of the following:

  • Walk-Throughs
    Our operations manual requires employees to strictly adhere to and surpass quality standards set out by the Association of General Contractors (AGC). Superintendents conduct daily walk-throughs to ensure quality work and no cutting corners.
  • Progress Reports
    Project managers conduct weekly walk-throughs to reinforce a focus on quality with our crews. These leaders review information gathered by superintendents to provide real-time information, which enables informed decision-making throughout the course of the project. We use this data to create weekly progress reports.
  • Weekly Meetings
    Progress reports are shared at weekly meetings to which all project team members are required and clients are invited to attend. Minutes from previous meetings are shared to help give the team insights into progress. This information is available anytime to clients, providing them ongoing project updates.
  • Low Turnover Rate
    One of our strengths is the extraordinarily low turnover rate among staff. We currently employ more than a dozen team members with a total of over 140 years experience. We are frequently approached by candidates interested in employment due to our reputation for quality, integrity and providing a positive workplace environment. Building a highly skilled team begins with our careful applicant screening process. Background and sex offender checks are conducted, qualifications are investigated, and references are dutifully contacted. Our current staff consists of our president, a vice president, four project managers, six superintendents and three office project administrators.
    During the interview process, we look to see if the candidate’s morals align with the morals of our company’s founders. The highest qualifications cannot replace integrity. Once a team member is hired, we work hard to keep them. The company culture at both the Waco office and on worksites is one of accountability through constructive criticism, obtaining best efforts daily through frequent recognition and encouragement and the absolute absence of prejudice. Diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, economic background, and other differentiators is valued as a strengthening factor for our team. Every team member’s birthday is celebrated, and we host monthly team lunches to engender the growth of camaraderie amongst all positions.

“At the end of the day, everyone wants to be treated fairly, be appreciated and know that they are a needed member of the team.”
– Scott Pearson, President, Pearson Construction


Safety is paramount to us. We have been awarded the Certificate of Recognition, Excellence in Safety Programs by the Texas Chapter of the Associated General Contractors (AGC), and the company has a full-time team member dedicated to safety enforcement. Kyle Pearson, the safety director, requires employees to strictly adhere to the company operations manual which includes rules that meet and surpass the safety requirements of the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Our company has never had a worker fatality during duty, has an exceptionally low safety modifier and has never been investigated by OSHA.

We conduct Toolbox Safety Talks weekly which contains material developed by AGC between all superintendents, workers, and subcontractors. In addition to quality-check walks, safety walks are also performed daily by superintendents and weekly by project managers. Prior to commencement of all projects, all subcontractors are required to review and agree to our safety policy. However, we firmly believe our excellent safety record is a reflection of the good choices made daily by all members of our team and the subcontractors with which we work.

Budget Control

  • Change orders
    It is our goal to have no contractor or design initiated change orders for any project. Change orders have a negative impact on the client’s budget, project workflow, and overall project management efficiency. Pearson’s chief concern is client satisfaction with the ultimate project outcome, and our team works tirelessly to ensure any changes needed are accomplished in a timely and fiscally responsible manner. In the event of owner-initiated change orders, we provide an initial estimate and scope review, then acquire a detailed cost breakdown for each item in the scope of work. In approximately 7-10 business days, the figures are compared and reviewed against the initial estimate before it is sent to our client for approval. We do not proceed with any changes without prior written approval from the owner, or owner’s representative. We will not leave the client with any surprises, and our team members will not spend money without the client’s approval. Owner-initiated changes are reviewed with the architect and owner to identify any value engineering measures, schedule impacts or long lead time materials associated with the requested changes.
  • Money Refunded
    Transparency is our policy. We share all budgets and estimates through an “open book” process. By doing this, our leadership believes trust and accountability are achieved. Our team embraces the principle that frequent and open communication are the foundation of a successful relationship, and we want all clients to feel comfortable with the initial information and constant updates they receive. The status of contingency fund balances will be presented at every meeting, and any unused client contingency monies will be returned to clients.
  • Cutting Edge Technology
    Digital technology differentiates us from our competitors. The latest versions of AutoCAD, ICE by MC 2, Prime Bid and Procore software are used throughout the estimate and procurement steps to ensure accuracy in budgeting, starting at the research and analysis phase. Microsoft Project houses progress updates throughout the course of each project, so project managers can have a clear vision of workload, being proactive instead of reactive.

Client Satisfaction

  • Closeout, walk-throughs & punch list
    Decades ago, integrity inspired the founding of our company in Central Texas, and integrity guides the daily decisions of our leadership now. At the completion of a project, project managers and superintendents conduct a walk-through on job sites to scrutinize the work with a fine-toothed comb. No item is too small to be added to our punch list. After items on our punch list are corrected, a second walk-through is conducted with the owner, ascertaining their satisfaction in every aspect of the completed work. If faults are discovered, solutions are found and fixes are made.
  • More than a warranty
    We do not hand the keys to a client and walk away after a job is finished. Our team members create digital owner manuals with comprehensive information to help the client maximize use of their finished product. These manuals include information on everything from air conditioning and heating systems operations to turning on and off the smoke detector alarms. All work is assigned a one-year, all-inclusive warranty. However, support from your project managers does not stop there. Our staff is available to all our past and present customers for help with questions on building operation, records access, and good faith repairs that fall within the responsibility of our initial craftsmanship. In other words, we aren’t finished until the customer is satisfied that the job is done well.

“We will lose money before we compromise quality.”
– Bob Pearson, Founder, Pearson Construction