We brought all of the facilities up to code while keeping operations like the mothers’ daycare and administrative offices open during the renovation of the Crestview Church of Christ building. 

Crestview Church of Christ – Waco, Texas

Project Description

The Crestview project consisted of remodeling the offices, baptistry, and auditorium stage, as well as building a brand new “benevolence” room, which provides food for the hungry in the community. The sanctuary and stage were particularly challenging, requiring us to move equipment inside without access to the building and onto a floor that was sloped. We found lifts that would fit between two 3020 doors, built platforms, and poured concrete inside. We upgraded the bathrooms to ADA code—which meant removing a stall in each lavatory—as well as tearing up and rebuilding the sidewalk and pick-up/drop-off area outside.

While renovations were underway, we made sure to keep the mothers’ daycare open. We switched and swapped between five classrooms up and down stairs by coordinating plumbing and A/C repairs. Though it was a labor of love, it was laborious nonetheless. The children’s safety was imperative; we coordinated the shuffling of classes to include close proximity to emergency exits with the kids’ safety in mind.

Not only were we able to keep the mothers’ daycare open for the entirety of the project, we saved the church thousands of dollars by using the same coordination and creativity to keep the offices open so that church business could continue as usual. Before the project church leaders believed they would have to rent several portable offices, but we made sure there was available office space throughout the remodeling process and finished the offices ahead of schedule so that the elders could continue to do their good work unimpeded.

While working on the project, we wanted the church parishioners to be a part of the process. A member of the church has a hobby of making stained glass windows. We worked along with him to create the stained glass walls that surround the sanctuary. The eight window-walls are zigzagged to enhance the acoustics, and we worked in conjunction with the church member to put them into place beautifully and efficiently. The sanctuary now has a superior AV system. We coordinated the pew installation, too, so that everyone can listen to the sermon more comfortably.

We were able to manage our time well and finish the project a month early in mid-November. It was a project we feel deeply connected to and are delighted with the result—a beautifully updated place of worship where visitors feel welcomed and members are comfortable.

We have a deep connection with Crestview Church of Christ. Our founder, Bob Pearson, was an elder and our current president, Scott Pearson, has served as a deacon. When we began this project in mid-March of 2015, we were honored to begin renovating and adding on to a building that has been part of our family history for so long. We made sure that no one was displaced during the renovations, which proved to be more difficult than one would think, and saved the church thousands with a little creative thinking.

Fast Facts

  • Delivery Method: CMP
  • Size: 42,186 SF
  • Start Date: April 2015
  • End Date: November 2015
  • Project Type: New Renovations & Additions


Client Contact:
Crestview Church of Christ
Scott Talley

Architect Contact:
Grant Dudley, A.I.A.