Grace Church Renovation

By January 24, 2017Uncategorized

The building’s reconstruction would be top to bottom including a new roof, walls and flooring. We began with demolition on the interior walls (block CMU walls), which was followed by removal and disposal of kitchen equipment and hazardous material remediation by ARC Abatement.

The sanctuary was to include two stages — the main stage and the Audio/Visual-area stage.  A challenging aspect of the project was the concrete and pad for the main stage in the sanctuary. We needed to infill a portion of the existing bowling ally with concrete slab (step down area). To place cushioning for the concrete, our bobcat entered through the back of the building, and using a 200-foot hose the concrete was placed remotely, by sub JP Lowry, who placed and formed it.  We built the metal handrails for the stage as well as a 12’ wide, 40’ long hallway.

With a staff of three pastors/elders and four employees, plus deacons and interns, we constructed three offices, conference room, and a large workroom.

We created a nursery that is a safe and engaging environment for children up to two years old.  Then for three and four year olds, Pre-K-1st graders, 2nd-4th graders, and 5th and 6th graders, we built four classrooms.  The Youth Class meets in the office and classroom wing of the building, just off the lobby.

We renovated the bathrooms, and Shelton Plumbing installed and repaired the pipes and fittings.

Once construction was complete, we hung doors, installed hardware, trimmed out the building as well as door frames. We installed LED lighting and dimmer system.  From Douglas Fur, we built the exterior Grace Church sign, cut four aluminum store front windows in front and two on the side, and Allen Glass put glass in windows.

We subcontracted to ARC Roofing who replaced entire roof with membrane roofing; A&H Drywall built the walls and did the drywall work; carpet Central Texas Commercial Flooring laid carpet; painting was handled by Pearson Paint; Jacobs Cathy handled HVAC; plumbing by Shelton Plumbing.

Knowing that several times each week, the congregation would gather in the space for fellowship, singing, preaching, and partaking of the Lord’s Table drove us to finish the project in five short months.  The task of transforming a bowling alley into a place of worship was a true honor for Pearson Construction.